Lice Wizards Pricing

We strongly encourage you to bring all family members along so every member can be checked. This helps minimize the odds of re-infestation and assures your school that you have done your part in identifying other potential contact issues.

  • Head Checks: $25 per person. Children under 1 are free.
  • Lice Treatment for Girls/Women: $195 per person
  • Lice Treatment for Boys/Men: $145 per person
  • Weekend Appointments: Weekend appointments are an additional $25 for treatment
  • Additional Fees: Additional fees may apply for severe infestations and/or length and thickness of hair.
  • Follow Up: Two FREE follow up checks are recommended and included in the initial treatment cost.

Terminator Combs


Lice Shampoo (8oz)


Lice Conditioner (8oz)


Mint Repellant Spray (8oz)


Lice & Nit Removal Shampoo (8oz)


Head Lice Removal Kit


Complete Head Lice Removal Kit


** Services are covered under Flex Spending (FSA) and/or Aflac. May also be covered under some Medical Insurance plans.

** We accept the following for payment: Cash, VISA, MasterCard, Discover

The True Cost of DIY

Breakdown the Actual Cost of "Do It Yourself" Lice Removal Treatment

The average family will have fallen and suffered through the agony of head lice for at least 6 months. Within this time, they will have tried up to 10 at home treatments including the multiple different toxic/pesticide ridden treatments and the all too expensive prescription treatments. Not to mention all the costs and countless hours spent on doing the treatments and the countless loads of laundry, cleaning and not to mention the added stress!

  • Rid Complete Kit: $23.99 each and recommended to use another kit 7-10 days later. Total $47.98
  • Nix Complete Kit: $29.99 each and recommended to use another kit 7-10 days later. Total $59.98
  • Prescription Lice Treatments: $299.00 each . Also recommended to apply again a week later and if not enough left over from first treatment, another Rx is needed. Total $598.00
  • Internet Kits: Internet Lice Removal Kits, Gadgets, Prevention Products. Total $150.00
  • Accessories: Replacement hair accessories, including hair brushes, combs, hats, barrettes, Hair ties and Hair bands. Total $100.00
  • Missed School: Missed Private School Days within the 6 month period (1-5 days). Total $200.00
  • Missed Work: Missed work for parents (based on average household yearly salary $50,000). Total $1000.00
  • Missed Activities: Missed after school activities. Total $200.00
  • Expenses: Additional expenses to water and electric bills due to the extra laundry and cleaning being done. Total $150.00
  • Total Costs: Total costs for up to 6 months worth of treatment. Total $2,804.96
  • Immeasurable Costs: Countless hours of combing, Countless hours of cleaning the house Missed after school activities/ birthday parties/sleepovers/social activities, Missed sleep/stress on whole family/ stress on friendships, Long term effects of the pesticide products found in the Over the counter and prescription remedies