Lice Treatment

Have No Fear, the Lice Wizards are Here!

We have all experienced the fear and embarrassment of finding out that our loved ones have been infested with Lice. Lice Wizards will help ease these fears with our eco-friendly, pesticide free solutions. Today, Lice are as common as the common cold. Anyone can get lice!

Step One: Screening

At Lice Wizards, one of our trained lice and nit removal specialist will screen each family member for any lice or nits. This is done by combing out the hair with the terminator comb and checking for any evidence of lice or nits on the comb. If any lice or nits are found, we will then proceed with treatment.

Step Two: Treatment

Our trained lice and nit removal specialist will apply a non-toxic, pesticide-free enzyme to the hair that kills lice by breaking down the exoskelton. The hair is then combed thoroughly until all the evidence of lice and nits are combed out. After combing, we section the hair, checking the entire head using paper thin sections. At this time we will remove any remaining nits (eggs) by hand. Once the entire head is thoroughly checked, we will finish by applying more product and placing the hair up in a pony tail or braid.

Ineffective Lice Products & Treatments

  • Controlled Heated Air Devices (AirAlle'): Controlled Heated Air Devices are a technology that claim to "dehydrate" the bugs and kill all stages of head lice. The claims of this device have no been substantiated by any independent studies or research, and are based on the company's own studies. This type 1 medical device is cleared by the FDA for marketing purposes only and the data stating their efficiency has not been reviewed or substantiated by the FDA. In addition, Controlled Heated Air Devices are not safe for children under the age of 4, those with sensory deficits or sensory integration disorder, or on anyone with open sores from scratching. Potential side effects can be scalp burns, dry damaged and brittle hair from excessive drying and combing on dry hair. Per the company's own literature, "live lice and bugs will remain in the Hair after treatment, as well as dead lice and nits. You still have to comb." The AirAlle' manufacturer also suggest you use the device 30 minutes and then follow up with a product and COMB for an additional hour to ensure that everything is out!
  • Over the Counter Treatments: Pyrethrins are natural plant extracts that are available in lotion, shampoo, mousse, and gel. "Rid" is a trade name for pyrethrin and "Nix" is made from permethrin, the synthetic version of pyrethrin. Because these products are not totally an ovicidal, a second treatment is necessary. Repeated use and exposure to these products are known to cause irritation or allergic contact dermatitis, redness, swelling, excessive itching, fatigue, depression, insomnia, and respiratory distress.
  • Ovide (Malathion): Malathion is a Neurotoxin and is a pesticide that is widely used in agriculture, residential landscaping, public recreation areas, and in public health pest control programs such as mosquito eradication. malathion is commonly prescribed by medical doctors due to Medicaid coverage. Malathion is extremely flammable, toxic and has to be left on the head for prolonged period of time, typically 8-12 hours and through research has be claimed to be ineffective. This product does come with serious side effects including skin and eye irritations, cramps, nausea, diarrhea, excessive sweating, seizures and even death. Has even been linked to cause attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder.
  • Kwell (Lindane): Lindane is an organochlorine chemical that has been used as an agriculture insecticide. It contains DDT and other chemical insecticides. The WHO (World Health Organization) classifies Lindane as "Moderately Hazardous". This is the most dangerous of all lice removal treatments. It has been banned in 55 countries because it doesn't breakdown and causes cancer. However, the FDA still allows the use of lindane for treating head lice. The reason provided is that it is intended as a one-time use and so the exposure is limited and does not cause enough to build up in system.
  • Uleafia (85% Benzyl Alcohol): Ulesfia was so proved in 2009. The manufacturer acknowledges that this product does not kill the eggs and at least 2 treatments are recommended at one week apart. A person with long hair can use up to 6 bottles in one treatment.
  • Sklice (Ivermectin): Sklice is a topical cream that boasts killing 95% of the live bugs. It is a treatment that is recommended to be used again 7-10 days later. This products adverse reactions due to the pesticide includes conjunctivitis, eye irritation, dry-itchy scalp and skin burning sensation.
  • Cetaphil, Vaseline, Other Oils Including Coconut Oil & Essential Oils: These methods do not contain any neurotoxins and are inexpensive. They work by encasing each louse (live bug) and suffocating it, which in turns interrupts the life cycle of lice. The products have to be left on the Hair for 8-12 hours and 3 treatments are recommended within the same week. However, these methods do not kill the nits. This process is time consuming (especially for those with thick, long hair), Hair looks greasy even after multiple washes and it is easy to forget about doing the 3rd treatment.