Meet The Wizards

IMG_9639Kathleen McGrath

Kathleen McGrath is originally from upstate New York, where she grew up and went to college. She has been in Southwest Florida for over 20 years and has over 22 years of experience in the healthcare field as a dental hygienist. Being in the health field, she brings forth the attention to detail with knowing the importance of personal health.
Being a mother herself, she has been through the delousing and nit picking process with her own daughter who contracted lice while at daycare.

She remembers all too well the stress that comes along with the first phone call reporting that her daughter has head lice, to the pharmacy to pick up an Over the Counter product , and then through the whole process of getting rid of the infestation.

Kathleen is certified and trained in the Shephard Method of lice/nit removal.  She is knowledgeable on the different products that are on the market today to help rid the continuous cycle of lice. She is dedicated in helping families deal with head lice with taking the worry and the stress out of the process! 




Jennifer Eisenberg

Jennifer Eisenberg is originally from Long Island, New York. She has been in Florida for over 21 years. Jennifer has been in sales and marketing her whole adult life and has been doing marketing consulting for over 18 years.

Jennifer is passionate about both children and animals. She is a volunteer wish granter for the Make- A-Wish Foundation and has also rescued many animals.

Jennifer remembers being sent to the school nurse as a child after discovering that her best friend had head lice. Jennifer had it also. Her mother frantically picked her up from school and took her to the doctor’s office in panic. Jennifer then sat patiently while her mother attempted to treat her for head lice at home, without the treatment and product knowledge that is offered to help parents today.

Jennifer is trained and certified in the Shepherd Method of lice and nit removal. She is also educated on the various treatment methods and products that are available today. As well as which options are the safe options. Jennifer is passionate about creating a worry free experience for families dealing with head lice, by utilizing the proven Shepherd Method for removal combined with safe pesticide free products.