Lice Treatment

Have No Fear, the Lice Wizards are Here!

We have all experienced the fear and embarrassment of finding out that our loved ones have been infested with Lice. Lice Wizards will help ease these fears with our eco-friendly, pesticide free solutions. Today, Lice are as common as the common cold.  Anyone can get lice! 

Lice Treatment - Naples, Ft. Myers, FLPart One: Screening
At Lice Wizards, one of our trained lice and nit removal specialist will screen each family member for any lice or nits.  This is done by combing out the hair with the terminator comb and checking for any evidence of lice or nits on the comb.  If any lice or nits are found, we will then proceed with treatment.



Part Two:  Treatment
Our trained lice and nit removal specialist will apply a non-toxic, pesticide-free enzyme to the hair that kills lice by breaking down the exoskelton. The hair is then combed thoroughly until all the evidence of lice and nits are combed out. After combing, we section the hair, checking the entire head using paper thin sections.  At this time we will remove any remaining nits (eggs) by hand.  Once the entire head is thoroughly checked, we will finish by applying more product and placing the hair up in a pony tail or braid.

Part Three: Follow upLice Treatment - Naples, Ft. Myers, FL
Each treatment package includes a mandatory follow-up check.  Our trained lice and nit removal specialist will comb the hair with the terminator comb looking for any evidence of lice or nits.

Lice Wizards are proud to offer a 30 day GUARANTEE

Ask about our guarantee guidelines. 


Head Checks: $15 per person. Children under 1 are free

We strongly encourage you to bring all family members along so every member can be checked. This helps minimize the odds of re-infestation and assures your school that you have done your part in identifying other potential contact issues.
Treatment: $90.00 per person per hour for the first 2 hours. $50.00 an hour, thereafter.  Billed in 15 min increments.  Time varies depending on hair length and thickness, cooperation, and the amount of lice and nits present.  Average time for boys is 30-45 minutes.  Average time for girls in 1 1/2- 2 hours.

You do not have to pay for a full hour if we do not spend a full hour on your treatment.  We feel that hourly pricing is the most fair and ethical way to bill our clients.  Why should a treatment that takes 30 minutes cost the same as a treatment that takes up to 2 hours?

Additional fees apply for weekends and holiday appointments.

Follow up: One FREE follow up check is recommended after treatment. 

Terminator Combs: $12.99
Lice Shampoo 8oz: $12.99
Lice Conditioner 8oz: $12.99
Mint Repellent Spray 8oz: $14.99

**Services are covered under Flex Spending (FSA) and/or Aflac.  May also be covered under some Medical Insurance plans.

We accept the following for payment: Cash, VISA, MasterCard, Discover