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Shepherd Institute Lice Wizards Lice Removal - Naples, Ft. Myers, FL

Lice Wizards Lice Removal is the only lice removal salon the area that is Certified by The Shepherd Institute.  We are committed to helping to eliminate and treat persistent lice problems, while taking the fear and embarrassment out of the process.   We are dedicated to educating the community on the use of safe, pesticide free products combined with the proven Shepherd Method to ensure that all evidence of lice has been removed. With the use of this proven process, children can go back to school the very next day and parents can resume their normal daily routine. Proudly serving Naples, Ft. Myers, and all of Southwest FL, Lice Wizards welcomes your call today.

Our comfortable salon makes the treatment process easy and comfortable. Your entire family, young and old alike, will feel right at home while being pampered by our trained and certified technicians.




Lice-removal salon opens in North Naples

By: Karl Fortier
Posted: 6:11 PM, Sep 7, 2016

NAPLES, Fla. – A mutated strain of lice has been spreading across the country, including Florida. The “super lice” has shown to be resistant to over-the-counter treatments, but the owners of Lice Wizards say their new salon in North Naples will do the job.

“Our treatment is all-natural, pesticide-free,” said Lice Wizards co-owner Jennifer Eisenberg. “It slows down the lice, it breaks down the outer shell.”

Eisenberg is certified in the Shepherd method of going through the hair, strand by strand. She said that’s the best way to get rid of “super lice.”



Back to school basics: Lice prevention

August 11, 2016 5:02 PM EDT

NAPLES, Fla.- As kids go back to school, head lice is one thing they could return home with. So what’s the best and safest way to get rid of the nasty parasites?

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